Work In Progress…


Thu, 08 Jan 2015

Work is now underway at Marple Cricket Club as it begins a major renovation of its existing clubhouse.

The project – which is funded by the ECB, Sport England and the club – will build new ground floor changing facilities for players and officials which conform to ECB requirement,  as well as carrying out significant improvements to  community facilities. 140edit_thumb

The project will support the club to improve the quality of cricket it provides for its members and players as well for the local schools it works with.  It will also support the club to achieve a long term objective to grow its role in the community, providing a venue within which it can expand its current indoor sports activities.

The Sport Business has worked with the club, its partners and the ECB, to develop the project and ensure that it met the needs of the wide variety of users as well as to secure the significant funding required.  We are continuing to work with them in securing additional funding for facility and club improvements.