Sport For Inclusion…

Sport For Inclusion...The EU and the Turkish Government are co-financing a project in South East Turkey which utilises the power of sport to bring communities together.  The work shows how sport can be used to achieve a range of educational and economic goals (

The Sport Business director Paul Smith has been involved in the project since 2013 as a Senior Consultant. He has developed a number of practical programmes for young people which improve employability and communication skills.

“These programmes have now been delivered to more than 4,000 young people and more than 400 people have been trained as trainers.” said Team Leader Anders Lonnqvist. “Early results indicate that more than 30% of those on the employability workshop had secured a job within 6 months which is extremely encouraging”

Paul is working with the project team and the local stakeholders to develop a Sustainability Strategy for the project.  The work will be carried out throughout April and May and will be presented at the closing conference in Ankara.