Bingley Pool is a fabulous facility right at the heart of the community, providing high-class swimming and lifesaving services as well as a gym and sauna. Friends logo

Bradford Council’s leisure strategy is to invest in alternative facilities but the Council is also working to support the transfer to local people.  The Sport Business is currently working with the ‘Friends of Bingley Pool’ to develop clear and feasible plans for this takeover.  To date, we’ve carried out an analysis of local demand and supply for the leisure sector and completed a detailed analysis of the current financial performance of the site.

On the basis of this analysis we’ve then prepared a robust business plan setting out a number of viable proposals which will be used for the negotiations with the Council going forward.

“This is a great scheme to be involved in,” said Paul Smith. ” The Friends are a really passionate group who care about Bingley and have the skills to take on the running of the pool.  It’s also clear that the transfer has the support of the Council and we’ve been able to develop a very strong core plan which can now form the basis for the final negotiations.”